How to send bulk emails that do not end up in the spam/promotion inbox

Last Updated: 17 October 2020 (Ren Sanders)

Gmail is the world's most popular email platform. It accounts for 43% of emails worldwide.

Back in 2013, google redesigned their Gmail inbox that splits emails into 3 tabs which are 'Primary', 'Social' and 'Promotions'. Since then it has strived to ensure all marketing, promotion, sales emails will land in the the Promotions tab.

This is a problem for marketers as nobody opens the promotion tab. It's almost the same as putting the email in the junk folder.

Nobody opens the Gmail Promotion Tab! 

How does an email end up in Gmail's Promotion Tab?

Google has a special algorithm to detect if an email is a 'Promotion' and land it in the 'Promotion' tab. The algorithm constantly evolves and google is getting pretty smart in doing this. We suspect a 'black list' concurrently works hand-to-hand with the algorithm, which lists all email addresses that are deemed to send a lot of marketing emails.

Google/Gmail has gotten pretty smart in detecting a 'Promotion' emails

How the Google 'Promotion' Email detection algorithm works?

Other than Google, nobody else knows how the algorithm actually works. Though we can roughly  figure out how through observation:

- Google checks the email address itself. If it has words like 'sales@mycompany.com' or 'info@mycompany.com'. Using personal names like 'james.madison@mycompany.com' will be safer.

- Google checks for trackers and if such tracker is attributed to a marketing platform like MailChimp.

- Google checks for images, and the type of images which would generally a marketing email would send.

- Google checks for 'Marketing' keywords in the email.

- Google checks for links, and the link itself, to see if it opens up to what is a landing page.

- Google keeps a list of 'Marketer' email address list and runs a more rigorous algorithm if the email comes from a marketer.

So what's the alternative?

Based on research, scouring forums and extensive testing, I've narrowed down two solutions which has managed to solve this Gmail Promotion Inbox problem.


GetReponse works. Emails from them do NOT go to the 'Promotion' inbox. The underlying reason is that they've put of a lot of work into this which includes:
1) The way they've set up the email trackers.
2) The way they link images in an email.
3) The way they deliver the email.

But why can't Mailchimp do the same like GetReponse?
This question baffles me too. Maybe they're over complacent with their market dominance. My biggest guess is because they've been listed in google as a heavy 'promotion' source. Ultimately any emails from Mailchimp will end up in the promotions tab. So, even if they do the same as how GetResponse does it, they won't be as successful as GetResponse.

Try GetReponse - Click here


AWeber works like GetResponse too. Emails from them do NOT go to the 'Promotion' inbox. I haven't tried them out but this is what the forums say and what many people that use them too say.

Try AWeber- Click here